VR device sales were up to 1 million last year.

Consumer demand for virtual reality gear is going from a fad to the newest tech revolution.

If You’re Looking for the Best Virtual Reality Experiences on the Market, here are Three VR Devices Worth Buying.

The Best VR Device if You are on a Budget

Sony’s PlayStation VR leads the way when it comes to delivering the best VR experience at a relatively low price. This VR system has the added benefit of working with an existing PS4 game system. While the PlayStation VR is┬ánot the top of the line motion-tracking VR experience out there, Sony still packs a powerful virtual reality experience into its PlayStation platform.

Best VR Experience Sony Playstation
Sony PlayStation offers the best priced VR experience–if you already have a PS4

You will need to have a PlayStation camera and two move controllers to get everything working, but installation takes less than ten minutes. The icons that guide you to recenter for best results while gaming worked intuitively, and several calibration checks built into the experience optimize gameplay. You’ll learn that some PlayStation games work better as a VR experience than others, but having access to the Sony PlayStation game catalog is a huge plus.

The Best VR Experience for the Whole Body

If you have a large room and a powerful gaming PC, then the HTC Vive is the best VR experience on the market now. The technological ability to transform an entire room into a virtual space feels magical. In fact, the HTC Vive makes your VR Experience so immersive, they had to build in virtual reminders of where your real walls are and the simulation ends.

Best VR Experience HTC Vive
The immersive VR Experience of the HTC Vive is mind-blowing.

This VR was so mind-blowing, we found ourselves pausing for frequent eye breaks just to remind ourselves that we weren’t actually in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Initial set up is more involved than the Playstation VR, but the motion-tracking and graphics were superior in every way.

The Best VR Device for Wireless Control

The Oculus Rift VR system came out the same time as the Vive, and while it’s not quite as much of a totally immersive experience as the HTC Vive, it has the most comfortable headset in the class.Using the Rift with an Xbox controller just isn’t enough of a VR experience for what you are paying, but the new wireless touch controllers you can get for it are impressively responsive.

Best VR Experience Oculus Rift withTouch
Oculus Rift touch offers the best VR experience for your hands.

We like that the controller still has physical buttons for older games. The Oculus Rift setup with the touch controllers takes some trial and error since you have to set up two cameras in just the right way to get the best experience. You’ll want to have some surface space next to your PC available to connect the cameras. When everything is working, the “feel” of virtual touch is pretty incredible.


These systems represent the best VR tech available today. They offer incredible VR experiences for gaming, exploring, and transforming your space.