If you are an active guy who enjoys summer outdoor activities, you need a great pair of men’s water shoes. Any waterproof shoe that is meant to be submerged in water can be called a water shoe, but they are not all created equal. Design-wise, these shoes can look like anything from a regular men’s cross trainer sneaker to a gaudy alien sandal. Additionally, just because a shoe is waterproof doesn’t mean it performs well in the water.

The most important qualities for a men’s water shoe to have are an excellent gripping sole, true waterproof design, and a quick-drying upper. After extensive field testing, we found two water shoes that rise above the rest.

The Greatest Men’s Water Shoes Ever Made 

After trying a lot of different water shoes on the market at various price points, the Columbia Drainmaker III water shoe is the best of the bunch.

water shoes men columbia drainmaker
On land or sea, these Columbia water shoes are the greatest we’ve ever worn.

These water shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long and don’t look out of place on dry land as well as their natural habitat- in and out of the water. The vents on the side of the shoe flush water out as you run or wade through it.

We have paddle boarded down alligator-infested rivers in these water shoes, and bouldered mountain passes above waterfalls; we have competed in triathlons in these shoes and then kept them on for the after party.

You need water shoes for outdoor summer fun, and you can’t get a greater pair than these. 


Greatest Men’s Water Shoes Runner-Up: 

We don’t know why you would buy any water shoe other than the Columbia Drainmaker, but if for some reason they are sold out, or they don’t have your size. Then a solid second choice is the Aleader Men’s Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes.

They are cheaper than the Columbia pair but don’t have the same durability either. The traction is good and surprising for such a low-cost shoe.in case your Columbia Drainmaker’s get lost in transit or left behind on a trip, it might even be worth buying these as a backup.

A great pair of water shoes is essential gear for your next wet adventure.