The Rise in Demand for Japanese Whiskey in the West is no Surprise.

There are many great distilleries and quality brands of whiskey to choose from, however, one amber libation shines above the rest. It’s been in our cabinet since that last trip to Tokyo when we ended up in the bar featured in the film Lost In Translation. 

We didn’t get to sing Sinatra with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, but we did get to drink some awesome whiskey.

Scarlett Johansson Japanese Whiskey lost in translation karaoke scene
Scarlett Johansson would sing for this Japanese whiskey.

The sweet yet dry Yamazaki 18 years old Japanese single malt whiskey is our favorite, with its hints of cinnamon, blackberries, and honey. This pure barley malt whiskey is made with water from the green foothills of Mt. Tenno.

Creating this multi-layered Japanese whiskey takes a combination of oak from America, Spain, and Japan. This is the drink that took Double-Gold at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, making Suntory the most highly awarded house of Japanese whiskey. Even if, Bill Murray still had trouble making a commercial for them. Suntory time!

Japanese Whiskey as an Artform

Suntory views making their Yamazaki Whiskey as an art form. All the whiskey produced by Suntory Holdings Limited is made in one of their two distilleries. The original distillery dates back to 1924. It is the goal of Suntory to fill each glass with the essence of Japanese nature. They want their whiskeys to be as varied as the Japanese seasons. For all of their attention to detail and commitment to consistency, we say arigato; the ultimate in respect and appreciation.

Looking for a Great, Lower Cost Japanese Whiskey?

If you’re a fan of Kentucky Bourbon, then you’ll flip over this Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky.

It’s a spicy, fruity malt with a short nose and plenty of lingering flavor.