Navy Seals standing on a hill at sunset
Now You Can Find Use Real Navy Seal Gear

Navy Seal gear has to be the best in the world.

Nothing less would serve the purposes of the world’s most highly trained fighting force. If a Seal’s gear breaks, it can mean the loss of life.  Here is some of the essential gear that Navy Seals use that you can easily get on Amazon right now.

The Shoes Navy Seals Wore To Kill Bin Laden

That’s right. You can train in the same shoes SEAL Team 6 had on when they infiltrated Bin Laden’s compound and took him out. The Vasque Men’s Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe

Vasque Sport Shoe for Men
Imagine storming an enemy compound in these.

You know these hybrid shoes are lightweight, with good grip, and sturdy construction. The upper is made of imported leather, while the sole is a synthetic material molded for premium comfort and durability. The shoe also features a custom lacing system that conforms to your foot.

Popular Sunglasses for Navy Seals

A guy who spends most of his time outdoors has got to have a good pair of shades. While many different brands of sunglasses may be worn in platoons, one that you’ll always see around the base is a pair of Oakley Men’s Jury Rectangle Sunglasses.

Oakley Jury Sunglasses
Shade your eyes on the battlefield or the ball field.

These non-polarized sunglasses are RX-ready, have a metal frame construction, and polycarbonate lenses. If you’re on the shooting range or out on a boat trying to reel in a monster-these shades protect your eyes and look good doing it.

Navy Seal Knife

Every man should own a good useful knife. It’s practically a right of passage into manhood. Navy Seals will wield a lot of knives in their lifetime, but this is one they always have around. The MK3 Navy Knife can easily saw through a rope, hammer down a tent spike, or slice through flesh.

MK3 Navy Knife
The knife trusted by Navy Seals

Its 6-inch blade is made of stainless steel and it only weighs 10 ounces. Carry it in this Special Ops Master Knife Sheath to protect yourself and the edge of the blade.

Navy Seal Backpack

Put all of your new gear in this Kelty Tactical Raven 2500 Backpack.

Kelty tactical Raven backpack
A backpack fit for any mission

It’s a super handy pack with padding in all the right places and a really useful rain cover that comes attached. The only downside is the rather drab “coyote brown” color, but no worries, it’s also available in Black

Kelty Tactical Raven Backpack in Black
We prefer the black one unless you’re in the desert.

This Navy Seal gear will never let you down.

Consider these products some of the most strenuously tested stuff on the market.

Navy Seal training Bible
step by step training tips from a real Navy Seal

Once you gear up, you may want to check out this book How Regular Guys Can Become Navy Seals if you’re like us and prefer your workouts to include crass humor and mental toughness training in between the ass kicking.