The Sonos Subwoofer sounds great.

No wonder Kanye is installing them in his “Pablo” pop-up clothing shops.

Sonos Subwoofer is available on Amazon
Sonos subwoofer has a stylish contemporary design

Subwoofers should let you hear parts of the music you weren’t able to before. Plug in a Sonos Subwoofer and you’ll feel like you are hearing familiar songs for the first time.

The subwoofers feature Sonos trademark wireless connectivity. Wireless connections are superior to Bluetooth because phone calls do not interfere with them.

The speaker’s design allows it to be placed in any position on a floor or shelf. We think it’s actually hard to find a place it doesn’t fit in.

Cheap subwoofers will give you bass, but not without a distracting rattle or buzz. The Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer (available in a shiny white or black) will give you a deep, rich, resonant sound no matter what style of music you play.

The “True play” function fine tunes your subwoofer with your system to ensure you always hear the best sound quality possible.

Sonos SUB Subwoofer available on Amazon
Sonos SUB also available in glossy black.

Sonos Subwoofer with Playbar

Pair the Sonos SUB Subwoofer with the Sonos Playbar to connect your TV and add pulse-pounding bass to your favorite action films as well.

If you’re a music-lover and don’t already have a Sonos system installed in your home or office, you should consider getting one.┬áSonos Home Sound Systems fill your entire home with fantastic-sounding music (provided you have good taste in music). We love the app’s ability to stream different music to Sonos speakers in different rooms. This feature is perfect for playing various types of music in different parts of your house. If you’re in the habit of using multiple music streaming services, then the Sonos app will bring all your music together into one central hub.

Not only a great sounding subwoofer but easily the most stylish speaker as well, this Sonos SUB Subwoofer is a treat for your ears and easy on the eyes.

Pick one up if you’re ready to take your listening experience to “11.”